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Here you can find out more about our services and the value we provide when it comes to your financial matters. Simply put, we take the time to get to know our clients, not just their assets. We value a long-term partnership by providing meaningful ongoing reviews.

Who We Serve…

Small Business Owners

Small businesses with 0-25 employees. Running a small business is a lot like running a marathon. Both are long journeys requiring a lot of planning, persistence, and hard work. Often times business owners are so worn out after the race, they have little time left to spend on their own financial matters. We’ve implemented strategies to efficiently help with the financial planning so business owners can focus on what they know best… Running the race.

Individuals Ages 50 and Up

Individuals ages 50 and up who are either on the path to retirement or have already retired. This is a major transition from “work life” into the next stage labeled as “retirement.” We serve as a resource to guide through that journey making it a smoother transitional process.


We have developed a passion and focus working with women. We find this group to be often under-served and in need of the help and advice that we are qualified to provide. Nothing pleases us more than helping a single woman navigate through financial fears after a divorce or loss of a spouse. Simply put, we love helping women get clear about money.

Did you know…


of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings.

Source: Go BankingRates


of Americans don’t have enough to cover an emergency.

Source: FINRA


of Americans have no savings at all. None. Zilch.

Source: FINRA

Financial Plans…

Retirement Plans

For persons at, in, or nearing retirement.

401 (k) & 403 (b) Planning

(including rollovers)

Plans for women

What they need to know to be financially independent when spouse passes away, divorce, or single in retirement.

Estate Plans


Traditional IRAs

529 Savings Plans

Exchange Traded Funds

Treasury Bills

Roth IRAs

Brokerage Accounts

Closed-End Funds

Government Securities

Managed Money

Mutual Funds

Stocks and Bonds


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MS Financial Resources is a division of Midwest Financial Group LLC an SEC registered investment adviser.

As a registered investment adviser, we are now required to provide clients a new Client Relationship Summary document knows as “Form CRS”. This new form, which is available here, is the third part of our Form ADV investment adviser registration statement, so it is also referred to at times as “Form ADV Part 3”.

The purpose of the form is to provide clients with clear and succinct information regarding key aspects of investment advisory and brokerage relationships. The new form includes summarized information about services we provide, fees we charge, how our advisors are compensated, industry practices, etc. It also references where you can find additional information in our Form ADV Part 2 Disclosure Brochure, which we can provide you at any time free of charge, is posted at the website indicated on the Client Relationship Summary or you can access the SEC’s Investment Adviser Public Disclosure (IAPD) system at www.adviserinfo.sec.gov.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and welcome any questions you have about our firm or about your account.