Happy Retirement

by | Nov 16, 2022

We have many clients that are retiring this year or who have retired in the past couple of years. I am so happy for them on this milestone and accomplishment in their lives! While I help these clients navigate the financial aspect of retiring, which is very important, there is a psychological component also worth addressing. My business coach shared this TedTalk with me and I wanted to share it with all of you. It’s all about the 4 phases of retirement. It’s funny and I think helpful to watch. It’s also only 13 minutes long. 

In case you can’t view it or choose not to, in summary, it says there are 4 phases to retirement.
1) Vacation Phase:  typically lasts about 1 year and you embrace not having a schedule.
2) Feeling Lost Phase:  you begin to question things and often suffer from fear, anxiety, and even depression. THIS IS NORMAL.
3) Trial & Error Phase:  you try to re-create meaning in your life and try different things.
4) Reinvent and Rewire:  you found meaning and this is where you can “SQUEEZE THE JUICE OUT OF RETIREMENT”
I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful perhaps in just knowing which phase you are in if you’re retired. Like Dr. Riley Moynes states in the video, “there is a very good chance you will live 1/3 of your life in retirement.”
Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  
Kind Regards,
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